PhosAgro is a vertically integrated Russian company and one of the world’s leading phosphate-based fertilizer producers

Our environmentally safe products help farmers from 102 countries across the inhabited continents to improve their crop quality and yields. We produce 50 grades of phosphate-based fertilizers, ammonia and feed phosphates, along with high-grade phosphate rock boasting 39%+ P₂O₅

high-grade phosphate rock producer globally

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PhosAgro includes Apatit in Cherepovets (Vologda Region), its branch offices in Kirovsk (Murmansk Region), Balakovo (Saratov Region) and Volkhov (Leningrad Region), PhosAgro-Region, and Samoilov Scientific Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insectofungicides.

PhosAgro is No. 1 manufacturer of phosphate-based fertilizers in Europe and the world’s leading high-grade phosphate rock producer

Russia is our priority market consuming more PhosAgro products than any other country.

fertilizer supplier in Russia

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История компании

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PhosAgro's high-performance and environmentally safe products are marketed across all inhabited continents.

Relying on its flexible production and sales models, PhosAgro readily meets demand for environmentally friendly and safe fertilizers from farmers around the world.

  • 100 countries

  • 93% 93% share of direct
    sales in 2021

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PhosAgro Group is the largest supplier of all types of fertilizers in the Russian market. It operates mining and processing assets in the Murmansk, Vologda, Saratov and Leningrad regions and boasts its own logistics infrastructure, including two port terminals, along with Russia’s biggest distribution network for mineral fertilizers and feed phosphates. PhosAgro runs Russia’s only Research Institute for Mineral Fertilizers and Insectofungicides – NIUIF – the pioneer behind the country’s solid phosphate resource base and its mineral fertilizer industry. In 2019, NIUIF celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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